Friday, September 2, 2016

Quickbooks India version training

Cosmic IT services Pvt. Ltd. with it's 16 years of presence in US market working on Quick books and training professionals in US version of Quick books is proud to announce Quick books India Online version training. Intuit has Launched Quick books Online version in India to make business owners in India to go paperless and make use of the power of technology.

The dream of digital India will come true over the period and will make QBO and Paperless India workflow system a big success in the market.

Topic's covered in 3 days training in QBO of Indian version will be  as follows:

Quick Books India Training: 3 days : QBO

A) Set up the Quick Books & Create the Company
B) Settings/Preferences
a) Company Settings
b) Sales
I) Customizing Look and Feel
II) Sales form Content
III) Products and Services
IV) Messages
V) Online Delivery
VI) Statements

c) Expenses
i) Bills and Expenses
ii) Purchase Orders
iii) Messages

d) Advanced
i) Accounting
ii) Chart of Accounts
iii) Automation
iv) Time Tracking
v) Currency
vi) Other Preferences
e) QuickBooks Labs
C) Lists
a) Recurring Transactions
b) Product Categories
c) Class
d) Location
e) Payment Methods
f) Terms
g) Attachments
D) Tools
a) Import Data
b) Reconciliation
c) Budgeting
d) Audit Log
E) Manage Users
a) Set up Users
b) Invite Accountant
F) Customers
a) Invoice
b) Receive Payment
c) Estimate
d) Credit Note
e) Sales Receipt
f) Refund Receipt
g) Delayed Credit
h) Delayed Charge
G) Suppliers
a) Expense
b) Cheque
c) Bill
d) Pay Bills
e) Purchase Order
f) Supplier Credit
g) Credit Card Credit
h) Advance Payment
H) Employees
I) Other
a) Bank Deposit
b) Transfer
c) Journal Entry
d) Statement
e) Inventory Quantity Adjustment
J) Creating The New Customer
K) Creating The New Vendors
L) Online Banking
a) Set up the QuickBooks for Online Banking
b) Show the procedure for adding the transactions
M) Reports:
a) Account List
b) Trial Balance
c) Profit & Loss
d) Transaction Detail By Account
e) Recent Automatic Transactions
f) TDS Payable
g) Transactions List By Date
h) Recurring Template List
i) Reconciliation Reports
j) Journal
k) Balance Sheet
l) Balance Sheet Comparison
m) General Ledger
n) Transaction List with Splits
o) Statement of Cash Flows
p) Recent Transactions
q) Transactions Without Tax
r) Company Snapshot
s) Expenses by Supplier Summary
t) A/R Ageing Summary
u) A/P Ageing Summary
v) Sales Performance
w) Expenses Performance
x) Company Overview
N) Tax
O) Application
P) Accountant Tools
a) Trial Balance
b) Reclassify the Transactions
c) Voided/Deleted Transactions
d) Write Off Invoices
e) Journal Entries
f) Close Books
g) Reconcile
h) Accountant Reports
i) Reports Tools
Q) Help
R) Find
S) Recent Transactions.

If some one looking to get trained visit our website or call Mr.Santhosh @09902977233


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