Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quickbooks user certification

Certification Exam-

You can purchase the Certification Exam only. This option is recommended only if you are an experienced QuickBooks user and have deep knowledge of all the areas covered in the "Topics & Exams" section. The exam only option is the same process as outlined in step two above.

What to Expect

The QuickBooks Certified User training and exam is delivered via Intuit's Web-based Learn Center. The time required to complete the training and assessment is approximately 10-12 hours, including demonstrations, simulations, quizzes, and exams. Each person is different and this may vary by individual. For your convenience, you may start and stop the training and exams as often as needed to fit your schedule.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Training in QuickBooks 2012 Premier version in May month | Quickbooks training in Bangalore

Cosmic announces the training in QuickBooks 2012 Premier version batch from 7th of May to 11th of May 2012, we will be conducting 5 days training in QuickBooks 2012.

Topics covered in 5 days are provided below. Cheque or DD for Rs.24900.00 in the name of cosmic IT services Pvt. Ltd. payable at Bangalore.  For more details visit or call Mr.Santhosh @09902977233

Or neft to the company account:

Name:                  Cosmic IT Services Pvt. Ltd.        
Bank Name:                       CITI Bank            
A/C No:                                0058113808        
IFSC Code:                          CITI0000004
Type of account                Current account
Location                               Bangalore


Lesson 1: Getting Started

Topic 1A: Starting QuickBooks
Topic 1B: Identifying Components of the QuickBooks Operating Environment
Topic 1C: Opening QuickBooks Centers
Topic 1D: Opening Other QuickBooks Windows
Topic 1E: Identifying Common Business Terms
Topic 1F: Setting Up QuickBooks in Multi-User Mode
Topic 1G: Exiting QuickBooks

Lesson 2: Setting Up a Company

Topic 2A: Creating a QuickBooks Company
Topic 2B: Using the Chart of Accounts
Topic 2C: Entering Account Opening Balances

Lesson 3: Working with Lists

Topic 3A: Creating Company Lists
Topic 3B: Working with the Customers & Jobs List
Topic 3C: Working with the Employees List
Topic 3D: Working with the Vendors List
Topic 3E: Adding Customized Fields
Topic 3F: Managing Lists

Lesson 4: Invoicing for Services

Topic 4A: Setting Up a Service Item
Topic 4B: Changing the Invoice Format
Topic 4C: Creating a Service Invoice
Topic 4D: Entering Statement Charges
Topic 4E: Creating Billing Statements

Lesson 5: Processing Payments

Topic 5A: Receiving Payments for Invoices
Topic 5B: Making Deposits
Topic 5C: Printing Statements

Lesson 6: Working with Bank Accounts

Topic 6A: Writing a QuickBooks Check
Topic 6B: Using Bank Account Registers
Topic 6C: Entering a Handwritten Check
Topic 6D: Transferring Funds Between Accounts
Topic 6E: Reconciling Checking Accounts

Lesson 7: Entering and Paying Bills

Topic 7A: Handling Expenses
Topic 7B: Using QuickBooks for Accounts Payable
Topic 7C: Entering Bills
Topic 7D: Paying Bills

Lesson 8: Employees Center Overview

Topic 8A: Manual Payroll Setup
Topic 8B: Payroll Items
Topic 8C: Pay Employees & Pay Checks
Topic 8D: Payroll Liabilities
Topic 8E: Payroll Forms
Topic 8F: Reports

Lesson 9: New In QuickBooks 2012

Topic9A: Express Start
Topic9B: Starter Copy
Topic9C: Period / Archive Copy
Topic9D: Improved Company File Condense
Topic9E: Edit No Company Open
Topic9F: Calendar View
Topic9G: Document Center
Topic9H: Lead Center
Topic9I: Integrated Help/Search
Topic9J: Contributed Reports
Topic9K: One Click transactions
Topic9L: Transactions Tab
Topic9M: Improved Memorized Transactions
Topic9N: Batch Timesheet
Topic9O: Batch Invoice Time and Expenses
Topic9P: QuickBooks 1099/1096 Wizard with E-File
Topic9Q: Inventory Center
Topic9R: Excel Integration and Data Refresh
Topic9S: Accountant Center
Topic9T: Improved Access to Client Data Review Tools
Topic9U: QuickBooks Statement Writer
Topic9V: Enhanced Inventory Receiving
Topic9W: Lot / Serial Numbers Tracking
Topic9X: Auto Cost / Sales Price / Markup
Topic9Y: Find and Select items
Topic9Z: Multi-User Functionality

K.Santhosh kumar
Vice President-OPERATIONS
Cosmic IT Services Pvt Ltd