Wednesday, October 21, 2009

download quickbooks 2010 for free

One can download quickbooks premier 2010

What's new in Quickbooks 2010?

  • Electronically "paperclip" documents to QuickBooks transactions to stay organized and save time finding what you need.
  • You can scan documents directly into QuickBooks, or attach electronic files already on your PC.
  • Store receipts, statements and more online (in the Internet cloud) for easy sharing
    Easily attach documents to any customer, vendor, employee, account or transaction
    Scan dozens of documents at one time — simply insert blank pages in between and QuickBooks creates individual files7
    Keep important documents at your finger-tips and backed-up online
    Streamline collecting and matching documents from clients to specific transactions
  • Copy and paste from Microsoft Excel directly into key QuickBooks Lists with Add/Edit Multiple List Entries. Or, use the new table format to enter new QuickBooks List data faster.
  • Enter Items, Customers, or Vendors data using an improved table format Copy and paste lists from Microsoft Excel8 directly into QuickBooks lists Edit one list entry then easily copy the changes to many
  • A wizard for creating financial statements and reference documents, Intuit Statement Writer 2010 is all new in Premier Accountant 2010.
  • Create up to 16 statements in one workbook and batch print your statements and documents
  • Build financial statements on a per-class or per-job basis, or as a combination of classes
    Access over 50 statement and document templates online
  • Set ANY date range for statements, including 4-week months or 13-week quarters
  • Send consolidated reports to clients in .pdf format10
  • Create Microsoft Word-based letters, cover pages and documents in your report, and bring QuickBooks financial data into your documents
  • Grow your practice, better serve your clients, and increase productivity by joining the ProAdvisor Progam.
  • Grow profits and increase productivity with certification - the majority of Certified ProAdvisors feel empowered to charge on average $21 more per hour for their services after becoming certified.
  • New for 2010! Learn faster and earn free CPE in our new simulation based certification process New for 2010! Easy to read and take on the go course materials with bigger font and printable content
  • Grow your client base - Nearly 50% of Certified ProAdvisors have increased their number of clients annually since becoming certified.
  • Get Listed on the ProAdvisor Referral Website - over 40,000 QuickBooks users visit each month
    Download trail version of Quickbooks 2010