Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's new in Quickbooks Premier 2011 | New features in Quickbooks 2011

 Customer Snapshot - Offers a consolidated view of an individual customer’s purchase history, average days to pay, and outstanding balance. This helps small businesses make timely decisions on customer requests.

 QuickBooks Search - Lets users quickly locate any customer, account, report or invoice details within their QuickBooks repository with a simple keyword search.

 Customer and Vendor History - Provides at-a-glance views of important customer and vendor details, such as history, estimates and past orders, on a single screen.

 Balance Sheet by Class - Provides a way for QuickBooks Premier users to separately track multiple funds, departments or locations in a single, easy-to-access report.

 Batch Invoicing - Lets small businesses owners who often bill many customers for the same service streamline the process by creating one template invoice to send to all related customers

 Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail Integration - Allows businesses to easily send invoices, estimates, and other e-mails from their preferred webmail service directly from QuickBooks

 Collections Center - Helps users to quickly identify overdue and almost-due invoices, and then directly e-mail collection notices from their Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts.

 Intuit Payment Network (sold separately) - Provides a way for a small business’s customers to instantly pay their invoices.

 Multi-Instance (available in QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise Solutions.) - Allowing users to work in two different company files at the same time.

 File Manager (available in QuickBooks Accountant and Enterprise Solutions.) - Enabling users to manage all client QuickBooks files by version year, edition, and location, or group them by common characteristics set by the accountant. A built-in password vault stores user names and passwords in one place. It also automates the process of upgrading clients’ QuickBooks files in batch to the latest version year.