Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quickbooks 2011 Premier training in India | Quickbooks training in Bangalore

Next training Batch is scheduled from 6th december to 10th of December 2010..... sign-up for the training batch..... Get 50% discount on QB user ceritifcation exam...

K.Santhosh kumar (09902977233)

Vice President-OPERATIONS

Cosmic IT Services Pvt Ltd & Hasten Technologies Pvt Ltd

Lesson 1: Getting Started

Topic 1A: Starting QuickBooks

Topic 1B: Identifying Components of the QuickBooks Operating Environment

Topic 1C: Opening QuickBooks Centers

Topic 1D: Opening Other QuickBooks Windows

Topic 1E: Identifying Common Business Terms

Topic 1F: Setting Up QuickBooks in Multi-User Mode

Topic 1G: Exiting QuickBooks

Lesson 2: Setting Up a Company

Topic 2A: Creating a QuickBooks Company

Topic 2B: Using the Chart of Accounts

Topic 2C: Entering Account Opening Balances

Lesson 3: Working with Lists

Topic 3A: Creating Company Lists

Topic 3B: Working with the Customers & Jobs List

Topic 3C: Working with the Employees List

Topic 3D: Working with the Vendors List

Topic 3E: Adding Customized Fields

Topic 3F: Managing Lists

Lesson 4: Invoicing for Services

Topic 4A: Setting Up a Service Item

Topic 4B: Changing the Invoice Format

Topic 4C: Creating a Service Invoice

Topic 4D: Entering Statement Charges

Topic 4E: Creating Billing Statements

Lesson 5: Processing Payments

Topic 5A: Receiving Payments for Invoices

Topic 5B: Making Deposits

Topic 5C: Printing Statements

Lesson 6: Working with Bank Accounts

Topic 6A: Writing a QuickBooks Check

Topic 6B: Using Bank Account Registers

Topic 6C: Entering a Handwritten Check

Topic 6D: Transferring Funds Between Accounts

Topic 6E: Reconciling Checking Accounts

Lesson 7: Entering and Paying Bills

Topic 7A: Handling Expenses

Topic 7B: Using QuickBooks for Accounts Payable

Topic 7C: Entering Bills

Topic 7D: Paying Bills

Lesson 8: Employees Center Overview

Topic 8A: Manual Payroll Setup

Topic 8B: Payroll Items

Topic 8C: Pay Employees & Pay Checks

Topic 8D: Payroll Liabilities

Topic 8E: Payroll Forms

Topic 8F: Reports

Lesson 9: New In QuickBooks 2011

Topic 9A: Customer Snapshot

Topic 9B: QuickBooks Search

Topic 9C: Customer & Vendor History

Topic 9D: Balance Sheet By Class

Topic 9E: Batch Invoicing

Topic 9F: Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail Integration

Topic 9G: Collection Center

Topic 9H: Multi Instance